Sunday, August 10, 2014

My animal kingdom, baby guinea pigs!

Hello all!

we had an exciting day today because my female guinea pig Hippie finally gave birth to four beautiful and healthy bubs
 they are only hours old and are so adorable! one snowy white bubba which is my favourite out of the lot I want to call him Powderpuff or Marshmellow lol My partners favourite is the other curly one resting its head on the white one.
 The mother, Hippie is such a proud and happy mum, really doing well. The babies are a good and healthy size too which is great.

It will be six weeks until they are weaned and ready for their new homes, we are keeping one, my best friend is having one and another friend is taking two for her kiddo's. Do you like guinea pigs? ever had them as pets? they are such fun!
Happy Sunday

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