Saturday, August 2, 2014

Nivea Lip butter Raspberry Rose

Hello lovelies sorry I have been away I have had to do some some studying for school as exams are coming up. Anyway here I have a review about one of my most favourite lip butters ever! I have been using this for two weeks now and its non addictive and I use it daily. The scent is Raspberry Rose and every time I open it and use it anyone who is around me says how amazing it smells! its not super lingering but it just gives a nice slight scent. I am sure you have seen or used these but I'm finally on the band wagon and am not getting off!
 there are 4 flavours... but I only have this one but when I go shopping today I will be picking up more. I am obsessed with this one because its not a sickly sweet scent but tart and fresh and kind of reminds me a little of a raspberry sauce but in the scent because these obviously don't taste like anything. I paid $3.70 at Coles for this one and they do range in the $5 when not on special and at other stores. I do not know why the Australian tins and other countries tins are different as they say Kiss but ours don't.
 It comes in this adorable little tin that is so snug and closes tightly. I keep this in my hand bag at all times and since I have been using it I haven't had chapped or dry lips The product is a good thick consistency and it lasts for hours on the lips. On a good day I only need to apply it once and on a bad day I will apply it sometimes three times.
 I think these are great for value because you do get quite a bit of product in these tins, whilst I like the appeal of the tins I do not like having to dip my fingers into the products however only I am using these and I do wash my hands. This one does absorb very well into the lips, its one that really does work and leave you with soft lips that do not dry out instantly the moment you don't use it. The colour does transfer slightly onto the lips but it is very sheer and milky and with a but of rubbing in you don't notice it too much and it kind of looks like a gloss.
This butter is non greasy, long lasting, weirdly they don't feel sticky either even though the texture in the pan they could look as if they would be sticky. I found the more I used this product the more hydrated my lips were. I think for a non medicated lip product these do very well for hydrating the lips and preventing dryness.

Final verdict 
I love this product and I will be re purchasing again preferably at sale price but I would pay full price if I had to. Nivea often has sales on in Coles and other stores like Kmart so do keep an eye out for those but even if you just had one tin it will last you while! I rub my finger only slightly in this tin because otherwise I feel it could get a bit messy but if you are gentle then its not a problem.

very affordable and good quality lip butter

have you seen or used these?

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