Monday, August 4, 2014

Pin up and rockabilly style thrift haul!

Hi lovelies lately I have been obsessed with rockabilly/pin up fashion and am slowly incorporating it into my everyday life! its fun, exciting and is giving me a real sense of style. Today I checked out a local opshop/thrift shop and found some fantastic clothes that suits this fantastic era.

 I am just so in love with this dress! it is by Susan and its totally the 1940's era style dress! I love the neckline and the shoulders. It's a cute print and a light material though I think I could also wear it in winter with tights and a cute cardigan. I paid $1 for this dress and it would have cost $40ish from the store. There is nothing wrong with it either.

 This floral top is so cute with the collar especially in a cream colour with floral detailing! I paid 50cents for this top. Probably would have cost $15-$20 and once again no marks or anything wrong with it, will look great with a cardigan.
 This crop top in navy and polka dot was a real find! its vintage inspired and whilst it doesn't fit perfectly yet as I am still dieting it will fit come the warmer months. It fits great everywhere except my boobs lol. I paid $1 for this top and there are no marks or anything on it would have cost approx $20. This will look great with my Witchery high waisted jeans that I got also from the opshop and only paid $2 for at the time.
I got this tank top mainly for the colour! I love mint green at the moment, its such a cute vintage colour and it will look great tucked into a pair of high waisted shorts or jeans! I paid 50cents

Not a bad haul for less than $5!
what have you thrifted? do you go to charity shops? if not why not?



  1. love that dress! you had one of those op shop days that we dream about!

  2. The polka dot navy crop top looks lovely!
    Would love to see an OOTD with it!

    Best wishes, Danielle x


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