Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Forgotten products

Hi all not sure if its just me but my allergies have been kicking my butt! anyway I am doing a post on products I have bought, used and then forgotten about because I have since bought newer products. I am sure we have all been in this predicament before right? surely I am not alone? let us begin!

 I purchased the Australian Pure Beauty Sensitive Moisturiser from Coles for $4 about two months ago. It's actually a very good product. I don't get any break outs from it, it does a fab job. It has plant based formula, and is a very good product however I am now using a oil serum. Coles doesn't sell it now either.
 I purchased this lip gloss ages and ages ago from the reject shop for $1 and it actually does a really good job. I'm wearing it now. I'm pledging to use up a lot of my older products. It has castor oil in it. It doesn't really smell much like banana though but it does a really good job at keeping my dry lips hydrated so I like that I wouldn't re purchase though because its not cruelty free.

 I bought this when Target had a whole lot of make up last Christmas on clearance, for approx .50cents. How can you go wrong?as you can see its had hardly any use I love using it as a base colour and its super pretty. It's also pretty as a blush!
 The black eye shadow is great at setting eye liner and is lovely matte shade for a smokey look and not a bad bargain huh?
I like this foundation a lot however I don't use it all that often as I do like to try foundations! but this actually works really well as a highlighter which is odd. The lipgloss works well mixed with other colours too.

what products have you forgotten about but are trying to use up?

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