Saturday, September 13, 2014

how much is my face worth?

Hi lovelies I am in the middle of Season 3 of Game of Thrones and am taking a break so I can write this post up and I thought I would share with you how much my face is worth. In the terms of the cost that adds up of what make up I put on it. My products are all drug store products, I have never bought a high end product. I basically cannot afford to.  What products have you got out of what I have listed?

So here goes
Ulta3 primer $8.95

Foundation I am currently using Maybelline Super stay better skin foundation and I bought it from Coles my supermarket at a introductory price of $14.
I am using Essence cover stick $6

 I am using the one by Essence called Essence lash go wild and I do believe I paid approx $8 for this mascara and its one of my favourites from Essence. Weird little tube it comes in hey?
 Next product is what goes on my eyes ad that is the Essence Sun club eye shadow pallet which I have been using on and off again for ages. Again I believe I paid approx $7 for it so super cheap and good quality product here!
 Lip balm 
I am using Palmers cocoa butter lip butter ad I paid $5 for it from Coles.

Eye liner 
is a mix up I sometimes use my elf gel liner which I paid $8 for and love it or I use my Rimmel London Gel eye liner which I think I paid $13 for on sale

lip stick 
Essence be loud lip crayon I paid $7 for it (am yet to do a review)

Essence blush in Baby doll $6

total is $67.95


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