Thursday, September 11, 2014

My make up bucket list

Hello lovelies! I saw this post going around and thought I would try it out for myself as it is something different for me to do. A make up bucket list is a list of things you want to try or do relating to make up and beauty items or activities. This includes items I have thought about using or doing but never have either because I have been scared to do it or just have no idea how to do it at all!!

so here goes first on the bucket list

Eye lashes
try false eye lashes! I have never, ever used them before, I admire people who use them often and they look so pretty but they just intimidate me a little. Not sure why but I just think I'd muck it up too much and it would look weird on me.

ok so contacts I have never used either but want to after seeing the enlarging ones and the pretty colours you can get. I just think it could really change up my look and have a very nice over all effect. If I could master actually putting them in without damaging my iris then I'm going to be trying this soon!!

Mastering winged eye liner
I struggle with winged eye liner so badly and I have never actually achieved a full long cat eye look. I want to so bad though because its such a sexy look. I love eye liner and am obsessed with gel eye liner. So I will master it one day.

achieving non scary eye brows
I am still a newbie to eye brow grooming and filling in the eye brows let alone getting them done on a regular basis. I'm rather ashamed that I only just started into getting my brows done and shaped properly for my face shape. I think it makes for a really pretty look when they are groomed and shaped properly.

Different bright coloured lips 
I have seen blue and different coloured lips like that and have admired people for taking on that trend but for me I'm sticking to my comfort zone. Right now I'm obsessed with plum coloured lips and have been doing that on myself. One day I'll have to try a violet purple lip stick!!

Buy my first MAC product 
I have never ever used MAC or other high end stuff, I so want to though! I have only ever used drugstore products and would so love to see the difference in quality. One day I will venture into a MAC store.

Getting waxed down there
Just once I would like to see what it is like to get it done down there! I'm scared of pain though and not sure how I would go with it!

What is your make up bucket list?

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