Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Starting topamax medication

Hi lovelies well this week I have been prescribed Topamax for migraines and weight loss by my doctor and I thought I'd do a check in as a kind of experiment for my blog and see if any of you can relate to it or if any of you have been on Topamax before

I have had some side effects of it already being on day two
these are as followed \


weight loss I have lost nearly two kilos already

little to no appetite

tingles in feet

affected taste in certain food like coffee

last night I was acting like I was drunk my partner noticed but that was right before bed and was only

second night so it should ease.

I haven't had any suicidal thoughts or depressed feelings on this medication yet but am keeping an eye out on this.

I have an appointment with my doctor in two weeks so will keep an update on the blog then about how I am going on my weight loss and progress on this medication. I hope the migraines will ease up also

So far I am 96.5 kilos

Have a great week~

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  1. Wow this medication sounds interesting. Good luck with it! Deff keep us posted on how your doing!


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