Thursday, September 25, 2014

swatches new lippie

Hello lovelies today I wet to my chemist and signed up to their loyalty card and was given a $10 coupon! I was ooh can I spend it today? yes was the answer! so I  bought a lipstick. The lipstick was $8. and it was by Savvy by Db and Its from their ne Super glossy lipstick range and oh my gosh I just love it.

I picked out the colour Rose. They have four or five shades from memory
 It's not as pigmented as I would have liked bit it will be great for ever day wear. I think their deeper shades will be more pigmented. The packaging is nice and sturdy as usual.
 I think its a decent price. it's really very creamy and right on trend for Summer and not sticky at all.
 it is somewhat buildable but also a little sheer but it does cover the lips like a lipstick does.

so over all I am very happy. I think I will purchase more of the shades to try out. When I swatched in store the other ones did seem more pigmented. So will try those next

so there you have it, new lippie

hugs Jess

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