Friday, October 24, 2014

New make up range $2 at Kmart

Hello all! today I have a quick show and tell and I'm impressed to say Kmart has brought out a new make up line called OXX. For only $2 you can buy eye liner, mascara, eye shadow quads, lip crayons, lip balms, lip glosses, lipsticks, cream cheek blushes, and nailpolishes! I purchased a couple of items but am showing the eye shadow I purchased. I was surprised to see that they are so pigmented and matte. They actually feel like Wet n Wild eye shadows going on the lid. I tried the white one as a base, and its super pigmented, no fall out!

 They don't have names for the shades, but they are super nice quality, I was actually really surprised! I got this one because I liked the look of how matte it was.
 I also picked up an eye shadow crayon, a lip crayon and a eye liner. Excuse the eye liner swatch heehee. The packaging is nice and sturdy, not too cheap looking either which I was surprised about! I will be looking forward to trying out other products!
what cheap products have you tried lately?

Hugs Jess


  1. do your eye crayons twist up ? mine dont, seem to be defective. Ive got 4 and all 4 do not work

  2. nope seems to be that its a defect on their packaging but I guess for $2 you can't ask for much heehee


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