Sunday, November 30, 2014

Loving Samples Samples obsession

Hello loves,

Today I'm showing you the obsession I am admitting to actually having! in Australia we don't really have the same kinda deal where you guys get samples. We might get lucky with freebies on a magazine or really lucky with a laundry detergent sachet in the mail box but generally in Australia samples are sadly not given out. But in my swap from my American friend Angie, she collected a whole big box of samples. I was in heaven.

I started using them last night. I used a shampoo and conditioner one, a face cleaner and a moisturiser and I gotta say I was pretty darn impressed. Oh and over the weekend I was using a sample sized perfume. I think she had sent over about 12 of those.

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  I used the purity cleanser by philosophy and I had never heard or used this brand before, I don't even think we have this in Australia so I can't even imagine what it would cost. But I really enjoyed the cleanser. It didn't make my skin tight, took off all the make up including the waterproof eye liner and mascara that I had been wearing yesterday. So I was really happy. I had even been impressed that it had left my skin feeling really soft. I didn't use any of my own after so I wanted to test it on its own merits. I even like its smell. Not over powering but some what flowery.
This little sample perfume vial is so cute, I love perfume vials, Its called fresh life, I don't know who the maker is without looking it up, I suppose if I was a good blogger I would have done that for you heehee. But its a fruity, grape fruit scent that is fresh.
 This shampoo and conditioner I was semi impressed with I know its only a sample and hair has to get used to it. It did leave it feeling soft, the smell was somewhat odd, kind of over powering with patchouli, however it did leave my hair leaving rather fluffy.
A good sized sample pack though. I also did use the philosphy hope moisturiser though and didn't take pics of it because its not empty however I gotta say I do really enjoy using that, its so soft and nice to use!

So that's my little sample post !

Happy Monday

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Shopping day! day in photos

Hello lovelies! yesterday I hung out with my best friend and as most of you know there is never anything like having a good laugh with your best friend. We hung out yesterday and I thought I'd share what we got up to yesterday! We went shopping and had coffee and a good giggle so here is our day in photos. Our usual shopping haunt is Knox shopping centre which is in Melbourne/Australia (I don't mind saying that because its a pretty big place haha) and I'm always smiling when I'm with Sally.

this was us entering our desination.
outside they had this awesome snow globe display I think you were meant to have photos taken with Santa on the inside but he wasn't around and I think you were meant to pay for it lol but we got someone to take photos
gotta fuel up, I had scallop potatoes with gray.
Sally had banana cake.
We found a tree in Myer of all places.

We were given free samples and yes I had 3 to myself.
shopping in Kmart, I love my boho bag!
I purchased some really cute Christmas ornaments from Bed, Bath and Beyond I think it was.
That was one of their displays.
me and Sal being Silly.
I needed a rest because I'm still sick at the moment so we grabbed a cup of tea.
And this cracked me up.

So would you like more posts like these? have you been shopping lately?
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hugs Happy Saturday

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

make up magic day!

Hello all, today I have a wonderful special day of make up because yesterday my swap box came from my lovely American friend. We actually met through a doll group as I collect a certain doll called Blythe, not sure if any of you know about them but here's a photo of them just for giggles.

and these special dolls brought us together and I'm so thankful about that! this is Aberdeen one of my girls. I crochet and needle felt things for them. I currently have 5 dolls but its soon to grow into a collection of 8 as 3 more are arriving! its a rather addictive hobby. Recently I also purchased my first pullip doll as well.  And yes some believe these girls are creepy because of their huge eyes however a lot, like me think its endearing. My partner names all my dolls, its just our tradition that we have gotten into. I purchased my first doll back in 2013 and have been smitten ever since, and its not a cheap hobby!

But I digress this post was about the make up swap we did not dolls! this swap came about because we both professed to have a love of make up. Angie knew I wanted to try more American brands but knew I was on a budget. So she admitted to having a lot of make up in her cupboards that she has hardly touched and she cleared out what she didn't any more and sent them my way!

I'm sick at the moment and haven't managed to get to the post office however as soon as I'm back on my feet I will be. But I'm sending her Australian brands such as Face of Australia, Australis and Bys to try.

 She sent me approx 30 lip sticks, including lip balms, glosses and what not, I got 5 eos lip balm to try. and Oh my gosh she sent me sent me Stilla products! I squealed so much. I have an moisturising one and a tinted bb cream one which I'm wearing today. There are so many products I couldn't list them all.

I even got an urban decay eye shadow! I nearly cried. I've been wanting to try urban decay for ages.
I also got her to buy some products for me (with my money of course) and I picked up some elf products, a milani eye liner which I'm wearing today and am already loving! the Loreal Miss manga mascara because I don't think we have it in Australia and if we did it would be so expensive. And mind you I think its my new favourite mascara!
 I am wearing the Revlon lip butter lipstick which she sent me (she purchased this for me new) because she knew how expensive these were here in Australia in the colour Red velvet and the colour is so me, I just love it.
look at the length that mascara gives and the volume! and the eye liner doesn't budge or smear at all, I think its my new holy grail eye liner. For watery eyes its amazing. And this tinted bb cream is so thick and gives amazing coverage. I'll be doing reviews on these soon!! these are just little first impressions.

What Aussie products should I send my friend Angie?

hugs Jess

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Target bargain hunting

hi lovelies so yesterday I went into Target to have a look around and I picked up  some really cute necklaces for only $3 they usually retail for $10.

the leaf necklace was really pretty and I thought for $3 it was a nice little trinket that will jazz up a plain outfit.
 I just had to get the fox one as I have a pair of fox earrings. I collect all things fox related so he had to come home with me.  Target had some really nice necklaces for $3 so it was rather hard choosing however I'm going back on Friday and will most likely come back with more!

What have you bought lately? any bargains?
hugs Jess

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Interview make up

Hello all today I'm doing a quick post on what's on my face as I'm doing a test run as tomorrow is an important day. I'm going on a job interview so I wanted to try out a make up look that would be well suited.

 I am wearing nyx milk eye shadow as a base, on top of that I'm wearing a bronzing powder by elf, Rimmel London gel eye liner, elf definer mascara.
 on my face I am wearing bys matte foundation and I love this stuff so much! on my lips I'm wearing a tinted lip balm by savvy db
I have actually since washed my hair because obviously it wasn't behaving for me heehee. I think this is appropriate for the interview, I have my outfit ready, a nice shirt, black work pants, nice black shoes. Just hoping my hair will behave on the day!

What make up are you wearing at the moment?
Hugs Jess

Friday, November 21, 2014

eye on you eye liner kit!

Hello lovelies how are you? today I wanted to chat to you about a first impressions item that I bought today from Priceline. It was $10 and its the Savvy by db eye liner kit,it comeswith 5 full sized eye liners and they are awesome.

 I thought the shades were right on trend, I was oohing over a couple of bargains they had but this was by far the most versatile. The packaging is cute, and grabs your attention. I thought for the price it was very decent.
 that is what the back of the packaging says about their eye liners.
 these are just first impression swatches but over all I think they are very pigmented.The white is more off white which I think will look lovely.
what bargains will you be buying?
happy Saturday

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Hello all I thought I would share with you a different kind of post that is really more of a tag style post. It's a current list of what I like sharing with you what I'm reading, watching on television etc.

So on tv I am watching:
I am watching season 2 of The Paradise, my friend got me into it and my partner downloaded the series for me, so its kind of tv right? on actual television however I watch Dr Blacks Murder mysteries. 

What I'm loving: 
I am really loving playing around with different hair styles with my shorter hair! its cute and fresh and I'm really enjoying it. 

What I'm buying:
 Currently I'm looking at upgrading my hair straightener I'm thinking about getting a Vs Sassoon one. It's on special at Priceline currently 

What I'm reading:
I am currently reading Phillipa Greggory The White Princess and I love her books, she is my favourite author. 

What I'm doing:
I'm currently not studying cause the year is finished so I have more time for looking for work. working at the opshop and looking after animals, my crafts and hanging out with friends. 

So I hope you enjoyed this little list! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

my skin care routine

Hello lovelies! today I thought I'd share with you for the first time, my skin care routine!this is so important to me because I struggle with cystic acne, redness, hyperpigmentation and rosacea. I have only just really settled into a proper routine that I am happy with because I have struggled to find products that I have not reacted badly against as I have sensitive skin.

So onto the products! you'll have to excuse the conditions of some of the packaging as I have had them for awhile, some actually got black hair dye over them when I did my hair!

 we have eight products that I use on a nearly every day bases for my skin care. We have this Australian brand that I stumbled across originally at Coles however they stopped carrying it and when I started shopping at Safeways I was very happy to find they had more of their range! they are called Australian Pure Beauty.
 I have their sensitive moisturiser, their sensitive face wash, their sensitive eye make up remover and their sensitive face scrub. They are natural based products, very affordable because they are all under $6 and are usually on sale. They don't test on animals and are mineral oil free and I just really love their products.
 The moisturiser I use daily, I put it on in the mornings before I apply my make up and I find it makes my skin feel velvety soft. It doesn't clog pores and doesn't break me out. It has a nice fresh scent but it isn't over powering and doesn't linger.
 This face scrub is the bomb! I swear its the scrubbiest face scrub I have used in a long while! I do only use this twice a week however. Because its really good at unclogging pores.
 This face wash is great, it cleans well, doesn't give my skin that horrible tight feeling and its scented really nicely. I love how this brand is made and owned in Australia as well.
 The make up remover is really something, it removes really tough mascara and gel eye liner and doesn't irritate my eyes like some have done in the past. The only thing is I wish it was in a pump the squirt bottle is awkward to use.
 The lip butter I used daily, morning and night.
 These are make up remover wipes that I picked up a few weeks ago and I love them. They are gentle, yet effective. I haven't reacted to them and they don't dry me out at all. When I'm really lazy I just use these to remove my make up.

This skin oil is amazing, I bought it a few months ago from Priceline for approx $11 and you'll have to excuse the state that its in. I get hair dye literally everywhere when I do my hair. I use this when my skin needs love 

I also use this gadget by Nivea and I love it for when I have really tough under the skin bumps to get rid of, and surface scarring. It really helps make my skin look softer and smoother. I use it once to twice a week.

hope you enjoyed the products I used! 
Happy Thursday
Hugs Jess

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Simple joys a cocoon.

Hi all today I'm writing a post on being positive and being grateful, even in finding small things that make you smile throughout your day. I think we can always try to do this.Lately I've been enjoying finding my inner child. I found a cocoon today and thought I'd pop it into our bug catcher to see if it will hatch out.

I've had some health issues this week so finding this small joy has really lightened my mood and given me something to smile about and have something to look forward to.

 This is actually the first time I've ever seen a cocoon in real life, so it was really a delight for me. I love the design in the structure.
 I think taking the time out to smile and find happiness in small things really can do great wonders!
I'll do an update on our little cocoon project soon!
Happy Thursday

Monday, November 17, 2014

what's on my face and charity shop haul

Hello lovelies! today I am trying to do something a little different, a two in one post if you will as its a what's on my face post and a fashion/op shop haul post!

Awhile ago I went thrifting and found this dress and was too big to fit into it however this was at the beginning of the Topamax thing that I had started and I have lost 10 kilos. So I'm able to now fit into this modern vintage 1940's inspired dress!

 I am wearing my maybelline age rewind concealor, Rimmel london gel eye liner, Cover girl flamed out mascara. Essence lipstick.
 I love everything about this dress, the material is so comfortable to wear, its a stretchy cotton, and its such a flattering style and length
 The dress only cost me $2 and is super good quality, was hardly worn, and will be great now we are coming into Summer!

so this is my quick and easy vintage look inspired by this dress!
happy days!
hugs Jess

Sunday, November 16, 2014

our latest flock member

Hi lovelies! I'm excited to show you our latest rescue parrot and he is a King parrot that is native to Australia. His name is Jubilee, and he's approx a year or so old. His previous owners were going to let him fly free (which is illegal when you care for native animals) so we adopted Jubilee. He is a very pretty thing.

 he isn't fully tame but he is settling down really well and is getting used to living with us so I'm sure he'll get into our routine. He isn't scared of people he just doesn't like being picked up but he likes to be hand fed and petted.
 here he is really enjoying his dinner. He loves his flowers and grasses that I pick for the birds daily.
 he is such a good boy.
so here is our latest flock member!

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