Friday, November 14, 2014

Clinique eye shadow plum seduction

Hello all yesterday whilst checking out a couple of thrift stores/opshops/charity shops which ever you call them, I picked up this beauty! it still was wrapped in its packaging! its the clinique eye shadow quad in plum seduction. I've never ever used this brand before and I was so so excited to have found it I squealed. I only paid $1.20 for it too! I loved the shades, the too taupe colours are just lovely as well, just the colours I love to use. I'm super excited because this is what I would consider to be called high end products.

 the packaging I felt was a little bit cheapish I was actually expecting it to be more, sleek and expensive feeling. But to me it didn't feel any different to Essence. So I wouldn't be paying more for the packaging alone but I do like the little mirror it comes with and its a good little size to put in your hand bag.
 Onto the shadows. The shadows are buttery soft, and the colours blend so well, I didn't think I'd like the purples but these were truly amazing. Especially paired with the taupe colours in the quad. The taupe colours will be used vastly for transitional shading and for the lid I think.
over all I think the shadows are a really good quality, I am impressed with the quality and there were no fall out. Very easy to blend, use and the pigmentation is super amazing as well. I can't believe someone donated this without trying it. Oh well, their loss, not mine!

Happy Saturday!


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