Thursday, November 20, 2014


Hello all I thought I would share with you a different kind of post that is really more of a tag style post. It's a current list of what I like sharing with you what I'm reading, watching on television etc.

So on tv I am watching:
I am watching season 2 of The Paradise, my friend got me into it and my partner downloaded the series for me, so its kind of tv right? on actual television however I watch Dr Blacks Murder mysteries. 

What I'm loving: 
I am really loving playing around with different hair styles with my shorter hair! its cute and fresh and I'm really enjoying it. 

What I'm buying:
 Currently I'm looking at upgrading my hair straightener I'm thinking about getting a Vs Sassoon one. It's on special at Priceline currently 

What I'm reading:
I am currently reading Phillipa Greggory The White Princess and I love her books, she is my favourite author. 

What I'm doing:
I'm currently not studying cause the year is finished so I have more time for looking for work. working at the opshop and looking after animals, my crafts and hanging out with friends. 

So I hope you enjoyed this little list! 

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