Thursday, November 6, 2014

Doting Donkeys

Hello all today was the last day of animal studies and it was rather fitting that at lunch break there were two donkeys having a break from their morning walk. They were very friendly. We stopped to have a chat with their owned. His little dog was lovely too! She sat on the back of the donkey which was adorable.

 the man in the hat is there owner and he walks them to the shops and back home again every morning as part of their routine for their exercise! they go in nativity plays in churches. They were super friendly and he let me feed them a couple of carrots.Donkeys are one of my favourite creatures.
 the fur he had brushed off was still part of their winter coat as we're heading into Summer now here in Australia. So he wanted  them to be nice and clean and fresh for the hot weather that we are starting to get. As you can tell we're having lovely warm weather already with this such bright sunshine.
Happy Thursday

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  1. I find donkeys are so cute! I once rode one and it wouldn't move and just kept peeing :p I wonder if one day I would be able to own one.


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