Friday, November 21, 2014

eye on you eye liner kit!

Hello lovelies how are you? today I wanted to chat to you about a first impressions item that I bought today from Priceline. It was $10 and its the Savvy by db eye liner kit,it comeswith 5 full sized eye liners and they are awesome.

 I thought the shades were right on trend, I was oohing over a couple of bargains they had but this was by far the most versatile. The packaging is cute, and grabs your attention. I thought for the price it was very decent.
 that is what the back of the packaging says about their eye liners.
 these are just first impression swatches but over all I think they are very pigmented.The white is more off white which I think will look lovely.
what bargains will you be buying?
happy Saturday

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