Saturday, November 22, 2014

Interview make up

Hello all today I'm doing a quick post on what's on my face as I'm doing a test run as tomorrow is an important day. I'm going on a job interview so I wanted to try out a make up look that would be well suited.

 I am wearing nyx milk eye shadow as a base, on top of that I'm wearing a bronzing powder by elf, Rimmel London gel eye liner, elf definer mascara.
 on my face I am wearing bys matte foundation and I love this stuff so much! on my lips I'm wearing a tinted lip balm by savvy db
I have actually since washed my hair because obviously it wasn't behaving for me heehee. I think this is appropriate for the interview, I have my outfit ready, a nice shirt, black work pants, nice black shoes. Just hoping my hair will behave on the day!

What make up are you wearing at the moment?
Hugs Jess

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