Sunday, November 30, 2014

Loving Samples Samples obsession

Hello loves,

Today I'm showing you the obsession I am admitting to actually having! in Australia we don't really have the same kinda deal where you guys get samples. We might get lucky with freebies on a magazine or really lucky with a laundry detergent sachet in the mail box but generally in Australia samples are sadly not given out. But in my swap from my American friend Angie, she collected a whole big box of samples. I was in heaven.

I started using them last night. I used a shampoo and conditioner one, a face cleaner and a moisturiser and I gotta say I was pretty darn impressed. Oh and over the weekend I was using a sample sized perfume. I think she had sent over about 12 of those.

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  I used the purity cleanser by philosophy and I had never heard or used this brand before, I don't even think we have this in Australia so I can't even imagine what it would cost. But I really enjoyed the cleanser. It didn't make my skin tight, took off all the make up including the waterproof eye liner and mascara that I had been wearing yesterday. So I was really happy. I had even been impressed that it had left my skin feeling really soft. I didn't use any of my own after so I wanted to test it on its own merits. I even like its smell. Not over powering but some what flowery.
This little sample perfume vial is so cute, I love perfume vials, Its called fresh life, I don't know who the maker is without looking it up, I suppose if I was a good blogger I would have done that for you heehee. But its a fruity, grape fruit scent that is fresh.
 This shampoo and conditioner I was semi impressed with I know its only a sample and hair has to get used to it. It did leave it feeling soft, the smell was somewhat odd, kind of over powering with patchouli, however it did leave my hair leaving rather fluffy.
A good sized sample pack though. I also did use the philosphy hope moisturiser though and didn't take pics of it because its not empty however I gotta say I do really enjoy using that, its so soft and nice to use!

So that's my little sample post !

Happy Monday

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