Wednesday, November 26, 2014

make up magic day!

Hello all, today I have a wonderful special day of make up because yesterday my swap box came from my lovely American friend. We actually met through a doll group as I collect a certain doll called Blythe, not sure if any of you know about them but here's a photo of them just for giggles.

and these special dolls brought us together and I'm so thankful about that! this is Aberdeen one of my girls. I crochet and needle felt things for them. I currently have 5 dolls but its soon to grow into a collection of 8 as 3 more are arriving! its a rather addictive hobby. Recently I also purchased my first pullip doll as well.  And yes some believe these girls are creepy because of their huge eyes however a lot, like me think its endearing. My partner names all my dolls, its just our tradition that we have gotten into. I purchased my first doll back in 2013 and have been smitten ever since, and its not a cheap hobby!

But I digress this post was about the make up swap we did not dolls! this swap came about because we both professed to have a love of make up. Angie knew I wanted to try more American brands but knew I was on a budget. So she admitted to having a lot of make up in her cupboards that she has hardly touched and she cleared out what she didn't any more and sent them my way!

I'm sick at the moment and haven't managed to get to the post office however as soon as I'm back on my feet I will be. But I'm sending her Australian brands such as Face of Australia, Australis and Bys to try.

 She sent me approx 30 lip sticks, including lip balms, glosses and what not, I got 5 eos lip balm to try. and Oh my gosh she sent me sent me Stilla products! I squealed so much. I have an moisturising one and a tinted bb cream one which I'm wearing today. There are so many products I couldn't list them all.

I even got an urban decay eye shadow! I nearly cried. I've been wanting to try urban decay for ages.
I also got her to buy some products for me (with my money of course) and I picked up some elf products, a milani eye liner which I'm wearing today and am already loving! the Loreal Miss manga mascara because I don't think we have it in Australia and if we did it would be so expensive. And mind you I think its my new favourite mascara!
 I am wearing the Revlon lip butter lipstick which she sent me (she purchased this for me new) because she knew how expensive these were here in Australia in the colour Red velvet and the colour is so me, I just love it.
look at the length that mascara gives and the volume! and the eye liner doesn't budge or smear at all, I think its my new holy grail eye liner. For watery eyes its amazing. And this tinted bb cream is so thick and gives amazing coverage. I'll be doing reviews on these soon!! these are just little first impressions.

What Aussie products should I send my friend Angie?

hugs Jess

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