Wednesday, November 12, 2014

meet Nessie

hi all I haven't done a pet post for awhile so I thought that I would do one on Nessie who is my first ever pet bird that I adopted with my partner. Nessie is a female blue Quaker parrot and she is appro 8 years old. Quakers can live up to 30 years old given a good healthy life.

 Nessie is rather funny because she is so different from Jimmy , who is my green male Quaker parrot. He is out there and into everything. Nessie is demure and more ladylike.
 Nessie stole my heart right from the word go. Which is why she came home with us all those years ago.
 she doesn't like my partner but loves his brother and father!
hope you liked meeting her!

Jess and Nessie

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