Wednesday, November 19, 2014

my skin care routine

Hello lovelies! today I thought I'd share with you for the first time, my skin care routine!this is so important to me because I struggle with cystic acne, redness, hyperpigmentation and rosacea. I have only just really settled into a proper routine that I am happy with because I have struggled to find products that I have not reacted badly against as I have sensitive skin.

So onto the products! you'll have to excuse the conditions of some of the packaging as I have had them for awhile, some actually got black hair dye over them when I did my hair!

 we have eight products that I use on a nearly every day bases for my skin care. We have this Australian brand that I stumbled across originally at Coles however they stopped carrying it and when I started shopping at Safeways I was very happy to find they had more of their range! they are called Australian Pure Beauty.
 I have their sensitive moisturiser, their sensitive face wash, their sensitive eye make up remover and their sensitive face scrub. They are natural based products, very affordable because they are all under $6 and are usually on sale. They don't test on animals and are mineral oil free and I just really love their products.
 The moisturiser I use daily, I put it on in the mornings before I apply my make up and I find it makes my skin feel velvety soft. It doesn't clog pores and doesn't break me out. It has a nice fresh scent but it isn't over powering and doesn't linger.
 This face scrub is the bomb! I swear its the scrubbiest face scrub I have used in a long while! I do only use this twice a week however. Because its really good at unclogging pores.
 This face wash is great, it cleans well, doesn't give my skin that horrible tight feeling and its scented really nicely. I love how this brand is made and owned in Australia as well.
 The make up remover is really something, it removes really tough mascara and gel eye liner and doesn't irritate my eyes like some have done in the past. The only thing is I wish it was in a pump the squirt bottle is awkward to use.
 The lip butter I used daily, morning and night.
 These are make up remover wipes that I picked up a few weeks ago and I love them. They are gentle, yet effective. I haven't reacted to them and they don't dry me out at all. When I'm really lazy I just use these to remove my make up.

This skin oil is amazing, I bought it a few months ago from Priceline for approx $11 and you'll have to excuse the state that its in. I get hair dye literally everywhere when I do my hair. I use this when my skin needs love 

I also use this gadget by Nivea and I love it for when I have really tough under the skin bumps to get rid of, and surface scarring. It really helps make my skin look softer and smoother. I use it once to twice a week.

hope you enjoyed the products I used! 
Happy Thursday
Hugs Jess

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