Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nail of the day!

Hello lovelies! I told you that you would be seeing more of me! well today for this Friday's post I have a nail of the day post because last night I had a new brand of nail polish to try! I actually swapped super markets that I shop at and have been shopping at woolworth's instead of Coles super markets but that is an entirely different story all together so I digress. The brand is called MUD and they retail for $3.

I picked up the shade called Dark room which is an interesting black shade, I'll let the photos explain more of the colour and the quality of the polish itself.

 The nail polish goes on very opaque and this was only one coat! it is not water at all, and it was so smooth to apply! didn't feel oily at all and I had no cleaning up to do. Made the job of applying nail polish so easy. I am super impressed
 They are very quick drying without giving you that trick impression that they have dried and you go to pick something up or touching your nails and you smear the work you have done! that is my pet peeve. I also did the dishes after doing my nails and no chips.
 so far I am even liking these better than the two bottles of opi colours that I have! I know shock horror. I'm sorry for you opi lovers out there. The smoothness of the polish is just stunning.
I'm about to head out and do shopping and am certainly going to be picking up some more shades!


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