Sunday, November 16, 2014

our latest flock member

Hi lovelies! I'm excited to show you our latest rescue parrot and he is a King parrot that is native to Australia. His name is Jubilee, and he's approx a year or so old. His previous owners were going to let him fly free (which is illegal when you care for native animals) so we adopted Jubilee. He is a very pretty thing.

 he isn't fully tame but he is settling down really well and is getting used to living with us so I'm sure he'll get into our routine. He isn't scared of people he just doesn't like being picked up but he likes to be hand fed and petted.
 here he is really enjoying his dinner. He loves his flowers and grasses that I pick for the birds daily.
 he is such a good boy.
so here is our latest flock member!

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