Saturday, November 29, 2014

Shopping day! day in photos

Hello lovelies! yesterday I hung out with my best friend and as most of you know there is never anything like having a good laugh with your best friend. We hung out yesterday and I thought I'd share what we got up to yesterday! We went shopping and had coffee and a good giggle so here is our day in photos. Our usual shopping haunt is Knox shopping centre which is in Melbourne/Australia (I don't mind saying that because its a pretty big place haha) and I'm always smiling when I'm with Sally.

this was us entering our desination.
outside they had this awesome snow globe display I think you were meant to have photos taken with Santa on the inside but he wasn't around and I think you were meant to pay for it lol but we got someone to take photos
gotta fuel up, I had scallop potatoes with gray.
Sally had banana cake.
We found a tree in Myer of all places.

We were given free samples and yes I had 3 to myself.
shopping in Kmart, I love my boho bag!
I purchased some really cute Christmas ornaments from Bed, Bath and Beyond I think it was.
That was one of their displays.
me and Sal being Silly.
I needed a rest because I'm still sick at the moment so we grabbed a cup of tea.
And this cracked me up.

So would you like more posts like these? have you been shopping lately?
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hugs Happy Saturday

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