Saturday, December 13, 2014

Essense Satin Mauve lip liner and Victoria's secrets lip gloss duo First impressions

Hello all! today I have a little duo combo that I have been loving wearing, my lovely friend Angie sent me this lip gloss from America. It's by Victoria's Secrets and I've never, ever worn anything by them but I have heard of them of course. I've been loving it over lipstick just to add a little something. 
Todays dup is Essense lip liner and Victoria's secret lip gloss in beauty rush. I think they look lovely together. The lip liners colour is 06 Satin Mauve and its stunning! its one of my favourite shades and for $2 its a true value product in my book where you just can't go wrong!. 

 The lip gloss also has a sweet taste but its nothing special. I just like the high glassy gloss it leaves, its not sticky that it makes the hair stick to your lips and it has a ever so slight pink tint.
 So I'm very impressed with this duo at the moment and have been wearing it ever since I got these two little numbers. You can wear it anywhere really and it would look wonderful on any occasion.
 The lip liner is super creamy you can actually wear it on its own with nothing over the top, its that pigmented.
It's a playful mix I think.

What have you been wearing?
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