Friday, December 12, 2014

Fun day out day in pictures

Hello lovelies I had a fab day today it started with going to jumpdeck wich is a indoor tramoline place and had so much fun making a fool of myself and playing about. Mind you I'm not as young as what I used to be! but nevertheless I played and am feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself.

But I'm showing you how the day played out in pictures and I got to spend the day with my best friend Sally which was awesome.

 they had a huge ball pit and I got stuck basically and it sucked me into it, well not literally however it was a struggle getting out!
 I tried flying! it was fun, but I failed and flopped instead!
 Sally took a nice little rest cause it was rather exhausting for us oldies!
 I matched the trampolines! didn't mean for that to happen
 our friend Liz had the same expression as her plushie friend!
 teapots at T2!
 Pretty mugs at T2
 Pretty glasses at T2
 pretty things at T2!
 Sally and I bumped into our friend Nicky and had coffee, lovely gal, loved her skully dress so much!! you can see it more on instagram!  instagram
 puppies, so cute
kitties!  and that was my day, my gosh I'm a bit sore! and tomorrow I have an afternoon tea! its our Christmas break up day for the opshop

what have you been up to? don't forget to check out my vlogging channel! vlogging channel


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