Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lancome lipsticks I'm addicted to

Hello lovelies, and I do hope you all had a fab Christmas and holiday period. I cannot believe its nearing the end of 2014 already!  I have to admit, I have a lipstik problem! I'll show you my latest problem because I have a growing collection. I have at the moment at least 30 lip products so these that I have in the next picture aren't even all of them.

 I was actually gifted a lot of these by my generous friend, Angie as she was going through her make up. So she's actually sparked my addiction in lipstick because before that I had probably only five lipsticks in my collection. And yes I have actually since, gone out to purchase lipsticks!! I know its terrible. But once fallen down the rabbit hole, its very hard to get out again isn't it?

 These four are my most worn lipsticks in the bunch so far, I've only had the lipsticks for about a month though.So we'll see what happens through out time. Lancome, Physicians formula, Sonia Kashuk and Stila.
 These two however are my to die for shades that are so well worn lately that I just can't seem to get enough of them. Sonia Kashuk,  and Lancome. I had never tried either brands before so these were very exciting. The Sonia Kashuk one is a limited edition one I believe. The Sonia Kashuk shade I believe from what I can work out is  red lip matte. And the Lancome shade is coquette. Both are lovely shades that I'm addicted to wearing.

I love the packaging on both but especially the lancome because it has that little magnetic snap and the gold and black, it makes me feel very fancy.

What lipsticks are you addicted to? would love to know!

hugs Jess

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