Friday, December 5, 2014

my day in pictures the city

Hello lovelies so yesterday I had a job interview in the city and I did well and got the job however sadly found out that it was commission only! so sad. I had to tell them I can't do commission only as its just too hard. Why can't they just say it in the job add and get it over and done with and stop wasting peoples time?

Anyways I thought I'd share my day in photo's with you.

 So we started off on the platform, this was my interview outfit.  I do love wearing black.
 By this point I did feel I needed a coffee, the train trip was an hour and twenty minutes long to get in there!
 These guys in their uniforms are checking that everyone had the correct tickets, we call them the ticketing police.
 The very large station that I got lost in!
 The city view.  Pity it was over cast it would have looked lovely otherwise.
And another pick with the city and a couple of trains.
 The Ferris wheel is something interesting because its the largest one in the southern hemisphere and its called the Melbourne Star I believe.

 I loved this door so much. I thought it was really cool looking
This lady seemed so expressive, I just had to have a snap of her face. 

kinda a pity there wasn't an e in this to make it streaker lol, I know how immature am I? oh well

so that was my day, some scene and people shots. Hope you enjoyed, do let me know?


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