Monday, December 15, 2014

Physicians formula sexy booster kiss stain proof gloss tint first impressions review

Hi lovelies I am reviewing this little lipstain today that I was gifted by my lovely American friend Angie. She sent me a lovely big box of make up to play with, including some high end products that I certainly wasn't expecting. So to get given one of these which I've been lusting after (it might not be considered higher end to American's however its $40 here in Australia) I generally only buy drugstore or things that I can buy easily from places like Kmart, priceline, or the supermarket, if I'm really wanting to splurge then I'll go to Target. So I really felt spoiled when Angie sent me these goodies!

 I just adore the packaging with the darling little silver slipper charm on it, The applicator is a doe foot applicator and it makes it much easier on applying the lip stain because it is soooo pigmented. I had to use concealer around my lips to clean up any messes I had made.
 The lip stain itself literally lasts for ever, however I have read up there are only two shades in these lip stains. So the lack of shades are  a bit of a bummer.
 When you first apply the lip stain, the product applies glossy almost like a shiny gloss, its almost conditioning however it does slightly dry a little over time. I guess that's how it lasts over time. The smell is quite nice, its vanilla, doesn't linger though but its enticing enough to make you smile a little.
over all the pigmentation is amazing, the red is a good true red, I think great for pale girls like me. It is somewhat difficult to apply but with practise for me it should get easier. 

Over all I'm rather impressed with this little number, would I buy it at $40? heck no, would I buy it in American dollars? yes.

Happy Monday

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