Tuesday, December 30, 2014

spending time with my nanna shopping and movie day in pics

Hello lovelies, today is just a brief post about my day as I've spent it with my nanna, she took me shopping and to the movies so it was nice having some bonding time with her as I don't get to have one on one time with her. We saw the movie St Vincent, Bill Murray played a really interesting and fab role in the movie. It wasn't a happy movie, I found it a bit sad because it did remind me of someone in real life who passed away this year, so it was a bit too real for me. But I can still appreciate the movie.

My nanna is a lovely and clever hard working lady, at 82 years old she still works part time doing house work to earn some extra money and to keep her active. I think that is amazing.

But we went shopping and my nan bought me a lovely skirt and top from Black pepper, I need to get pics of them as they both are really lovely. I also went to Target.

My outfit of the day.
 we nommed on left overs from Christmas, love Christmas left over grazing!

 I still think my nan makes the best cups of tea!
my Essence purchases I got the Wave goddess highlighter
                                             the wave goddess soft touch eye shadow,

 tinted lip balm, and my gosh these are seriously pigmented! I'm wearing it in the below pic!
not too many pics as I wanted to enjoy the day however there are a couple.

Have you been enjoying time with your family?
hugs Jess

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