Thursday, December 18, 2014

stuck to what to buy for someone?

Hi lovelies thought I would share with you a little list of gifts you could buy at a thrift shop if you kept your eyes peeled! 

 how about a vintage 1940's rubber dog? we have him at the opshop and he's adorable! a bargain at $15, would retail double or more in an antique shop.
vintage milk bottle! this was rather cool I thought, original, thoughtful and cute, perfect for the home decorator. $9 at our charity shop.

 Vintage inspired dress, I think this is a modern take but it was so cute and adorable I had to take a snap of it. This was $7 however with our half of sale going on at the moment its $3.50
Me modelling a little black dress! inspired you to go shopping yet? let me know what bargains you have piked up! would love to find out find me at instagram

hugs Jess

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