Friday, December 26, 2014

Things I am going to do or change in 2015 a promise to myself

So its a running joke in my family that I can't make jello, it never turns out right. So for things in 2015 that I aspire to do here are a few interesting or funny things that are on my 2015 bucket list

Learn how to make jello
yup I need to conquer this, and not be the butt of my family's well meaning jokes 
I will do this! 

Not be afraid of contact lenses 
they scare the heck out of me! I don't like the thought of things going near my eye ball, I've never worn them but I am going to in 2015, even just once! 

Wear eye lashes, I've never, ever worn eye lashes! they kinda freak me out because they remind me of spiders legs, however I'm going to try, just once... maybe. 

Learn Tumblr and Twitter more effectively 
I admit that on both platforms I am a newbie and am learning how to tag and use these places for my blog and youtube channel. 

I will get into a good kitchen cleaning habit
I am the laziest when it comes to cleaning my kitchen, and its not even that big, its a small compact kitchen however I hate cleaning it. But I despise it more when its dirty come time to cooking. I will get into a routine! 

I will stop buying useless items
we all fall into this pattern, it makes us feel good, we like to spoil ourselves with the justification that it didn't cost much. But it does add up. I'm trying to save so I'm hoping this will help my saving next year! 

what are your plans for 2015 that you are going to change
hugs Jess

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