Tuesday, December 16, 2014

thrifting gift guide

Hi Lovelies today I'm writing because its getting to that time of year and we're all wanting to save a bit of money and I thought why not try and do a bit of a gift guide somehow at the opshop? well here's what I come up with.

 So these items might appear somewhat random however opshops/charity shops are random this is an oil burner and I thought would be cool for dad for camping etc when he needs a light. It cost $6.
 This pretty green vase was so striking and cost $8 I thought the mother of the house could have this quite easily.
 This adorable whale paper weight was $3 but if that wasn't enough for your sister what about the cute tea set? you could spend some time with her drinking tea!
 tea set cost $5 and for the brother you could get him this rather wicked looking skull and that was $6 which I thought was awesome.
Not are you doing the environment good but you are helping those in need by supporting a charity and at Christmas time that's very important.

Hope this inspires you this Christmas
Happy holidays

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