Friday, December 19, 2014

thrifting, shopping in Belgrave and vintage hat shopping day in pics

hello my lovelies! yesterday was my graduation and I took a load of pics of me and Sally shopping beforehand. I checked out opshops, had macaroons for the first time and had coffee of course cause that is a must.

 my outfit of the day, I'm wearing an all thrifted outfit, I love my cardigan.
 Maaroons are delish my new favourite thing! I got strawberry, coffee and mint flavoured.
 trying on vintage hats in Belgrave/Melbourne

 my graduation make up
 loved this lounge I saw at the Salvo's! hardly appropriate for where I live but I would have got it f I could have heehee.

and I purchased this Hello kitty bag cause I collect hello Kitty!

hope you enjoyed the day in pics what have you been up to?
hugs Jess

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