Wednesday, December 3, 2014

tricks to feeling pretty

hi lovelies so I know when I am in a frump and not feeling very pretty let alone nice or anything like that I tend to do things that make me feel good, or try to make me feel pretty. These are some steps that I take to try to take the ugly feelings out and to put the pretty feelings back in.

Now in my bathroom I don't have a bath so its hard to have a relaxing bath however I still know how to have a relaxing pamper session. I really think what you put into yourself is what you get out of yourself and this goes emotionally as well.

Light a candle
I love collecting candles from opshops and this one is a funky one I got from one I work at its so pretty

buy a new top! nothing says I love me more than buying something nice for yourself. Even if you go to the thrift store. Find something flattering, new to you and that you adore. It's worth the smile! 

I wash my hair. I know it sounds easy right? but if you are sitting around with a big ball of greasy looking and feeling hair on top of your hair of course when you look in the mirror and when you are out and about or even when you are at home you are going to feel uncomfortable about yourself. If you have time do a treatment mask too!

I also put on a new lipstick
I know that its not all superficial and that putting on make up and buying things will make things better but sometimes being pro active and doing something does make a difference.
  if that fails to boost the spirit or make you feel pretty then do a full face of make up! change things up a bit.

and last but not least I purchased a different purse/wallet! I found this at the salvo's thrift store today and I got this for $2. It's a fake Louis Vuitton 

what tricks have you got that make you feel pretty? please comment and share.

I hope you like my tricks

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