Thursday, December 11, 2014

w7 The honey Queen honeycomed blusher first impressions

Hi lovelies, today I'm posting about another w7 product I purchased. It's a first impressions review, I loved the look of this. When swatched it gives a lovely peachy glow.

 It's the Honey queen honeycomb blusher,I personally think its adorable, and for $5 its a true bargain in my opinion. I've only just started wearing blushes so I've been experimenting with what colours suit me and what I like, so I think this is a good beginner one. And great for summer as well.
 However the packaging was so hard to get into I broke the bottom bit off! it was so tightly wrapped, which is a plus but a pain for actually getting into the packet itself.
 I didn't think the pan needed to be so deep for the actual amount you got. But nonetheless it was only $5.
 The pretty colours are suitable and for most seasons and are a good variety.
over all a cute little compact, budget friendly blusher, I think its good their trying to make it look more expensive when its not.

What do you guys think?

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hugs Jess
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