Monday, June 30, 2014

what's on my face Tuesday

Hello all today I am doing a what's on my face Monday however its a Tuesday as yesterday I didn't go anywhere and I wasn't wearing any make up (I'm on school holidays!) anyways today I think I'm finally getting better at the winged eye liner look! I used the Maybelline Master precise felt eye liner pen and I forgot to get it to put in my picture but I did use it!

 Today I am wearing Australis eye shadow, Max factor eye shadow, Maybelline Colour tattoo eye shadow, Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation, Australis hd concealer, Australis fresh and flawless foundation powder, max factor lip balm.  W7 pretty eyes mascara.

 For once I think I did an ok job of the eye liner! I usually am pretty terrible at it! lol

I think this is a pretty nice every day kind of look if you are going out shopping etc, I might not do this eye liner ever day though. I'm at the opshop today working so hence why I wanted to look nice.

What have you been using?
hugs Jess

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Savvy long wearing lip stick in shade plum

This my lovelies is my latest lipstick purchase that I have been wearing ever since I got it in my hot little hand! it's the savvy db long wearing moisturising lip stick in the shade plum. I purchased it last Friday at Priceline for the regular retail price of $4.99 and its rather a sweet little lip stick that you can pretty much where anywhere and to most occasions! its understated yet still gives you a nice little something.
 The packaging is nice and sturdy and the bullet seems to be well made in general, certainly not cheaply like the product will fall out of it as soon as you open it. I think the packaging is nice and sleek and I like the fact you can see the colour at the end of the tube so you know exactly what you are getting.
 It's a lovely cool toned plum colour, sadly though when you take off the wrapping the name of it goes as well but it is only called Plum. I do prefer cool toned shades rather than warmer toned shades as I think they look best on me. I've worn it over the weekend and it lasts a good 3 hours without eating or drinking, it does not fade into a horrible lined lip look that some lip sticks can do.

here is the swatch, its quite opaque and pigmented which I like and its so smooth on the lips, it doesn't tug at all and feels a lot more like a lip balm rather than a lip stick. I'll certainly be trying more shades from Savvy Db in future!

what shades have you got from Savvy db?

Hugs Jess

Friday, June 27, 2014

favourite shower products for June

Hello all I thought I would take the time to do a June Favourites of the month and I thought I would show shower products that I have been loving to use! (sadly we don't have a bath in our bathroom!) I miss baths!
 We have four products here that I have been using daily for at least the last month, first up is the Nivea pure effect daily wash/scrub. I bought this at Coles for $6 when on sale and I just love it, it doesn't scrub all the natural oils however it does leave your face feeling soft and smooth without giving it that tight, over cleaned feeling. As you can see we are in a committed relationship so far! will I re purchase? heck yes (and its cruelty free)
 Next is the Palmers cocoa butter body wash! I am so lazy with moisturising my body and this stuff makes it so you don't even need to! I'm that serious and I love it. I paid $3.99 for it at Coles when on special. Will I re purchase? heck yes! (and its also a cruelty free brand)
 I bought this from the opshop I work at for $1.50 just to give it a whirl, it was brand new, still sealed so I wasn't worried. I love using it, its a rich formula and helps to leave my skin feeling youthful and smooth.
I purchased this from Chemist wharehouse for $3.99 and I love this stuff! its better than the St Ives scrub and leaves my skin feeling super clean and refined. Would I re purchase? (only until I find out if its a cruelty free brand)

So there you have my favourite bathroom products for June!

Australis make up haul

Hello all today after my English exam I treated myself to a bit of shopping and Priceline had some great deals happening on Australis products as they were chucking them out getting ready for new stuff.

 I brought the Australis perfection brush on lip gloss $2
 Australis colour inject mineral lip gloss $2

Australis pout lip plumper $2 

 the first one on the left is called exotic, and the one on the right is called Earth. I paid again $2 each for these eye shadow trios.

 Australis defining mascara and I paid $2 for this as well so I'm pretty happy with these purchases without having to spend a whole lot!

What has your hauls been lately or bargains?
hugs Jess

I'm guest blogging at frockabilly freakout!

Hi all I'm guest blogging here frockabilly freakout

see how I gave myself a make over! how I went from frump to more fashionable for super cheap!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to get the most out of thrift shopping, charity shopping, op shopping! guest post

A new series in opshopping (charity shopping or thrift shopping) introducing my first guest post on my blog!
Louiebugooey tells us how to make the most of an opshop and how to find what you are looking for!

Hey there everyone!! My name is Louiebugooey and I blog over at Frockabilly freakout where I talk about vintage and rockabilly fashion, do reviews on make up and accessories, and generally just have a good time. Jessie has been nice enough to let me share my advice for getting the most out of your local op shop with you today. With these four things in mind I can promise that you’ll become an op shopping aficionado in no time.

1.     1. If you think you might like it, pick it up!

I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen something I wasn’t quite sure about and thought “I’ll keep looking and come back if I still want it” only to find that while I was looking about someone else had come in and snapped it up! If you’re not sure about an item, pick it up anyway; you can put it back if you don’t like it.

2.     2. Look at everything

 So you’re looking for a dress to wear to that special dinner, and you go straight to the dress section and look at all the dresses in your size. You can’t find anything so you give up and try a different shop. Little do you know that you missed that perfect dress that was marked with the wrong size and put away in the t-shirt section after someone was too lazy to put it back properly. Make sure you check everything in the shop, because people will be lazy when putting items back and sometimes things get labeled wrong.

3.     3. Be open-minded.

The thing with op shops is that they don’t have the fancy lighting and specialized coat hangers that traditional retail stores have, so the clothes may not look great on the rack. Try things on that you think don’t look too great, but could be okay, you might find that it fits perfectly and you fall in love!

4.     4. Check back regularly

Depending on how popular your local op shops are you’ll find they restock at the same time every week, fortnight or month. If you can figure out what day they restock you can get yourself into the habit of having a quick look through for new things on those days when you have time, or when you’re looking for something specific to go on restocking days to get yourself a bargain.

 With love,

Monday, June 23, 2014

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

What's on my face Monday

Hello all again, today I wanted to change things up a bit and created a different hair and make up look that I usually create. I actually like the hair a lot, however am not sure if I suit the whole cat eye thing and I don't think I'm that great at it.

 I didn't do much to the hair, just pulled the fringe out of my eyes and pulled back a little bit with a bobby pin, straightened it and there you go, I think it actually suits my round face more this way.
 here is a close up of a simple cat eye look
also paired it with a dark berry lipstick just because that's what I was feeling like doing haha.
What do you do when you want to change things up a bit?
I am wearing Chi Chi rich gems eye shadow Elf gel eye liner, Elf defining mascara
Face of Australia tinted moisturiser and Australis fresh and flawless foundation powder on top
and lipstick covergirl wetslicks I also paired it with a layer of Maybelline colour whispers to get a more pink toned as its rather brown on its own.

Happy Monday

blue nail polish a new trend.

Hello all on this very windy and grey day here in Australia for us, how are we all? today I thought I'd show you my nail polish that I am wearing as I haven't shown one for awhile and I believe the colour is right on trend for this season.

Blue nail polish! I love this blue colour, its almost a sapphire blue colour and its amazingly good quality for such a cheapie nail polish.

I am wearing Ulta3 nail polish in Blue Martin. It only took 2 coats to get this nice finish and its super easy to apply. I only paid $2 for this nail polish and I adore the brand.

 The blue seems to be really in on catwalks these days and anything for eyes, especially blue eye liner. But to introduce the colour into my wardrobe and look I thought I'd just wear it on the nails to begin with.
 I really think this is such a nice cool tone blue shade that would go with a lot of other colours but would especially pop with white or black.
What do you think of the blue trend in make up and nails?
hugs Jess

Saturday, June 21, 2014

favourite lipsticks

Hi all, today I thought I'd show you my collection of lip products, I do have more than this but  I thought I'd show you my collective lot and pick out some favourites that I do wear a lot.

 My favourites that I wear are these 5 and they are Maybelline colour whispers in petal rebel, Essence 50's re loaded in back to the 50's, Max factor lip tint in number 10, Cover girl lip slicks and w7 matte lipstick in in the pink.
 I'm sure you have seen some of these products before
 I am loving berry coloured things at the moment, which I think is trendy for winter right now.
what are some of your favs?
hugs Jess

how to take a good selfie

Hello all! this weekend has been rather lovely weather so I took advantage of it! I'm going to be giving you my tips on how to take a decent selfie! I take my selfies with my camera but this also works on phones that have cameras. I'm no expert but I've worked out what works for me!

Ok so first off my first tip is good outside lighting! nothing worse than inside blurry crappy lighting that makes you look like a ghost. As you can see here the picture on the right of me looks much worse than the picture on the left! Natural lighting is great however remember where the sun is when outside you want the sun pointing at you not behind you. This is what gives me that glow like radiant look that makes my skin look great.
 action shots are fun to do however make sure you aren't getting a shot of your nostrils, people don't want to be looking at boogers.  However natural action shots make for better photos because you are not standing like a statue or fake posing. Another tip don't have the camera too close but not too far either. I normally just stretch my arm out a bit and it generally is the best distance for me.
Don't fake pose, whatever you do try and do something you do naturally because otherwise it will come off fake. Don't pout if you don't pout normally, don't do the cheesy grin if you don't do it comfortably.
Find your best angle! I take a lot of selfies just to gather my best angle I have found I look best from a slightly turned angle rather than front on. However if I take a shot front on I make it slightly lower than my face height as it elongates my round face.  Start by taking pics front on, and then slowly turning your face at different angles until you find your best angle that you agree with. 
This is proof of what bad lighting does to ou, even though I am wearing make up you can see all the imperfections and it doesn't do anything to show off my face.

Hope these tips have helped!


Friday, June 20, 2014

Essence- Featured make up

Hi all I'm featuring two essence products that I have had in my stash for awhile now and I thought I'd use them because I'm going out to lunch today so why not?
I think its a really pretty wearable look and the purple is quite understated in my opinion.

 Is the look I came up with using Essence eye shadow mono in the home sweet home limited edition range shade is 03 my home is my castle. I also used their lipstick in Sparkling miracle. I do love this cool toned purple so much!
 it is slightly shimmering but nothing too drastic and looks really lovely on a pale complexion.

The eye shadow is a lovely baby pink and is surprisingly pigmented for how pale a colour it is.

So these are my featured products for today! have you tried Essence?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

cruelty free make up look of the day

Hi all thought I'd share with you the make up I put on to wear to class this afternoon,
 I am wearing elf gel eye liner, Australis eye shadow, Australis mascara,
on my face I'm wearing Australis fresh and flawless powder foundation, Face of Australia bb cream, and Essence silky touch blush.

All cruelty free brands! which I think is awesome. I'd just washed my hair so its gone into its natural unruly state haha.

Have a great day!

nyx not cruelty free anymore?

Hello all a bit of a different post for you today, more of a rant because I'm so gutted to have heard that Nyx is now owned by Loreal? and now is potentially not cruelty free. What the Hell nyx? way to go to sell out and dismiss your own morals and standards.
 If it is true and they are going to be selling in China it means they lose their cruelty free status because selling in China means make up by law has to test on animals. I love companies who stand on their own two feet with their strength and courage to not go there.
If its true and they are with loreal it means I won't be buying from them anymore because what's the point of giving money to a company that is owned by a cruelty ambassador? It's the same reason I wont shop from The Body shop even though they say they don't test on animals but they are owned by the company that does.

Well bye bye nyx, looks like I'll have to stick to elf, and other trust worthy brands as I find them! what are your thoughts on this?

hugs Jess

Product Sportlight= Dirty works good clean fun products

Hello all, I have a product spotlight here for you today, I love Dirty works products and wish we had more available in Australia I first tried the Coconut scrub, and now have tried all the others available at Coles Supermarket. They are a really affordable drugstore product even when not on special but I wait until they are on special and get the big tub for $8.00. And best of all they are indeed a cruelty free affordable brand! woohoo.

 I have been using the That Fiji feeling coconut body butter, You glow girl buttery salt scrub and the buff your stuff body scrub. The buff your stuff one is empty I have used it and loved it that much. The body butter isn't as thick as what I was expecting but nor is it runny. It smells heavenly, not overpoweringly but just like coconuts. However my partner doesn't like the smell! phooey to him.
 However this is my ultimate favourite scrub! the Salt scrub works! it smells slightly salty, and its so heavenly to use. I feel so smooth and soft afterwards and even use it as a treatment for my feet. I find my feet haven't been this soft before and I'm really particular about foot products due to my health issues. As you can see its really grainy but if you have sensitive skin it might not be for you as I have rubbed maybe a bit hard and had some scratches from it however if you are gentle then it should be fine.
 I think the packaging is really cute with its retro chic pinup girls on it and the tubs and tubes are bright and fun in the bathroom. I sadly don't have a bath but these products make having a shower just that little more special for me.

 This is the body butter, it absorbs well and does seem to help soften the skin quite well without feeling too heavy.
Have you used these products before?
Hugs Jess

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