Monday, September 29, 2014

Nails of the day! Essence

Hi lovelies today I did my nails and I did them a lovely silver colour, its from Essence and its a Limited edition range from their 50's Girls Reloaded and the shade is called Love me tender and its number 04.

I love this colour.You do have to apply it thinly otherwise it can come out oily and make it a mess otherwise it applies well.

 It's a cute looking bottle, I like how it differs from the normal bottle I have two other shades in this range and love them. I paid $1 each for them as they were in the bargain bin at Targaet after Christmas this year.
 It wears really well, it can last me nearly up to 5 days without chipping, so I'm pretty stoked about that! my nails aren't in the best shape at the moment but please excuse that they are working nails heehee.

 they do like to look glam however and I really do like this silver, you can wear it during the day or at night and its super pretty.

Hope you like it!

what have you been wearing?


Sunday, September 28, 2014

what's on my face Monday

Hi all, I thought I would do a what's on my face as today is class and I like to do that on class days
 I am wearing Chichi eye shadow pallet Rich gems on my eyes, elf gel eye liner in black, elf mascara in black.
 I am wearing the Palmer's bb cream on my face, I just love this stuff! and on my lips I am wearing lips and tips from Kmart brand lipstick in Magenta as I picked it up for $1!

not bad for a mostly cruelty free look
have a great day all

Thursday, September 25, 2014

swatches new lippie

Hello lovelies today I wet to my chemist and signed up to their loyalty card and was given a $10 coupon! I was ooh can I spend it today? yes was the answer! so I  bought a lipstick. The lipstick was $8. and it was by Savvy by Db and Its from their ne Super glossy lipstick range and oh my gosh I just love it.

I picked out the colour Rose. They have four or five shades from memory
 It's not as pigmented as I would have liked bit it will be great for ever day wear. I think their deeper shades will be more pigmented. The packaging is nice and sturdy as usual.
 I think its a decent price. it's really very creamy and right on trend for Summer and not sticky at all.
 it is somewhat buildable but also a little sheer but it does cover the lips like a lipstick does.

so over all I am very happy. I think I will purchase more of the shades to try out. When I swatched in store the other ones did seem more pigmented. So will try those next

so there you have it, new lippie

hugs Jess

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Forgotten products

Hi all not sure if its just me but my allergies have been kicking my butt! anyway I am doing a post on products I have bought, used and then forgotten about because I have since bought newer products. I am sure we have all been in this predicament before right? surely I am not alone? let us begin!

 I purchased the Australian Pure Beauty Sensitive Moisturiser from Coles for $4 about two months ago. It's actually a very good product. I don't get any break outs from it, it does a fab job. It has plant based formula, and is a very good product however I am now using a oil serum. Coles doesn't sell it now either.
 I purchased this lip gloss ages and ages ago from the reject shop for $1 and it actually does a really good job. I'm wearing it now. I'm pledging to use up a lot of my older products. It has castor oil in it. It doesn't really smell much like banana though but it does a really good job at keeping my dry lips hydrated so I like that I wouldn't re purchase though because its not cruelty free.

 I bought this when Target had a whole lot of make up last Christmas on clearance, for approx .50cents. How can you go wrong?as you can see its had hardly any use I love using it as a base colour and its super pretty. It's also pretty as a blush!
 The black eye shadow is great at setting eye liner and is lovely matte shade for a smokey look and not a bad bargain huh?
I like this foundation a lot however I don't use it all that often as I do like to try foundations! but this actually works really well as a highlighter which is odd. The lipgloss works well mixed with other colours too.

what products have you forgotten about but are trying to use up?

Friday, September 19, 2014

holy grail foundation? maybe

Hi my lovelies! I am so excited to be doing this review on a matte foundation I have been wearing for the last two weeks. I purchased it from kmart and at first I was truly a bit sceptical but the matte foundation lover in me just had to have it.

It is the Bys Liguid Matte foundation in Natural Beige. Its really suitable for all skin tones and it evens out the complexion by evening the appearance of the skin. It comes in a very simply designed glass bottle which I quite like.

It comes in a few shades which I think is really reasonable for a drug store company that is on the cheaper range. But gosh I am so shocked at how cheap the product is and how thick the product is!

 I am in love with the coverage, its a full coverage foundation, matte finish, it has not broken me out and lasts a great time. Best of all its cheap and they don't test on animals. I think I have found my holy grail foundation people, I am impressed!
What I really like about it it hides redness really well because of its yellow tone so I don't need a concealer, it hides my pores really well (and I have some large pores) , surprisingly so cause its matte and matte products don't do that so well. Super affordable. Good oil control yet not over drying on my skin as my skin is somewhat dry. Doesn't settle into fine lines around mouth or eyes so no creasing. No break outs or allergies or irritations

 here I am showing you how thick the product is
doesn't it look flawless? this was one application! I just love it. Love love love it!
What foundations have you been using from the drug store? where else can you get Bys? can anyone else confirm that they are cruelty free cause I want to keep using them!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Starting topamax medication

Hi lovelies well this week I have been prescribed Topamax for migraines and weight loss by my doctor and I thought I'd do a check in as a kind of experiment for my blog and see if any of you can relate to it or if any of you have been on Topamax before

I have had some side effects of it already being on day two
these are as followed \


weight loss I have lost nearly two kilos already

little to no appetite

tingles in feet

affected taste in certain food like coffee

last night I was acting like I was drunk my partner noticed but that was right before bed and was only

second night so it should ease.

I haven't had any suicidal thoughts or depressed feelings on this medication yet but am keeping an eye out on this.

I have an appointment with my doctor in two weeks so will keep an update on the blog then about how I am going on my weight loss and progress on this medication. I hope the migraines will ease up also

So far I am 96.5 kilos

Have a great week~

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Catch up episode one

Hello lovelies so today I thought I would share with you something different. I'm gonna start a series where I do a catch up post of what's going on in my life. I'm not really sure how often it will be maybe every fortnight to once a month depending on what is going on. I haven't had a very exciting time of it lately but I thought I would share with you what has been happening.

I am back on the weight loss train and am doing well so far I have lost 6 kilos in the last month and a half. I think a combination of stress and calorie counting have helped

so far school has had its ups and downs. My partner and I are studying animal studies together and we have struggled to find work placement which is basically like work experience but over the course of the year, not 1 week. We had work placement and then it got cancelled due to situations out of our control It sucks because if we don't have work placement we can't pass our course or get result attainments for the work we have already completed.

I am also studying year 12, I am studying business management and English. These two are currently going better than the animal studies which I am surprised about. I am passing and seemingly doing ok in these classes, could be doing better but meh. In a few weeks I have the big exams coming up so I will be stepping up the study for them.

I have bipolar rapid cycling disorder and depression. I went through a really rough patch last week and am getting help. I was having self harm thoughts and just wasn't in a very good place but with support from friends and family I am getting there. I haven't been that bad for a very long time. Which is good now I look back.
Indy is now 9!
I love looking after my animals. It's now Springtime in Australia and my birds are going to nest and its an exciting season. There will be certainly pics and video uploads of new babies and what not when it comes.

I also currently have 4 baby guinea pigs that are growing well and two cats heehee. Oh and can't forget my bunny Indy. All the animals are doing good.

We have gone through some rough patches lately but he is trying to help and be supportive. I know men can be stubborn and find it hard talking and what not but eh. I think though we got over the worst of last week so I know he is there for me and I him. We have been together nearly 1 years now!!

not much socializing going on because of my anxiety I have found it really hard getting out of the house apart for school related things. I'm working on it.

Let me know if you'd like more of these catch ups?
what have you been up to?


Saturday, September 13, 2014

how much is my face worth?

Hi lovelies I am in the middle of Season 3 of Game of Thrones and am taking a break so I can write this post up and I thought I would share with you how much my face is worth. In the terms of the cost that adds up of what make up I put on it. My products are all drug store products, I have never bought a high end product. I basically cannot afford to.  What products have you got out of what I have listed?

So here goes
Ulta3 primer $8.95

Foundation I am currently using Maybelline Super stay better skin foundation and I bought it from Coles my supermarket at a introductory price of $14.
I am using Essence cover stick $6

 I am using the one by Essence called Essence lash go wild and I do believe I paid approx $8 for this mascara and its one of my favourites from Essence. Weird little tube it comes in hey?
 Next product is what goes on my eyes ad that is the Essence Sun club eye shadow pallet which I have been using on and off again for ages. Again I believe I paid approx $7 for it so super cheap and good quality product here!
 Lip balm 
I am using Palmers cocoa butter lip butter ad I paid $5 for it from Coles.

Eye liner 
is a mix up I sometimes use my elf gel liner which I paid $8 for and love it or I use my Rimmel London Gel eye liner which I think I paid $13 for on sale

lip stick 
Essence be loud lip crayon I paid $7 for it (am yet to do a review)

Essence blush in Baby doll $6

total is $67.95


Thursday, September 11, 2014

My make up bucket list

Hello lovelies! I saw this post going around and thought I would try it out for myself as it is something different for me to do. A make up bucket list is a list of things you want to try or do relating to make up and beauty items or activities. This includes items I have thought about using or doing but never have either because I have been scared to do it or just have no idea how to do it at all!!

so here goes first on the bucket list

Eye lashes
try false eye lashes! I have never, ever used them before, I admire people who use them often and they look so pretty but they just intimidate me a little. Not sure why but I just think I'd muck it up too much and it would look weird on me.

ok so contacts I have never used either but want to after seeing the enlarging ones and the pretty colours you can get. I just think it could really change up my look and have a very nice over all effect. If I could master actually putting them in without damaging my iris then I'm going to be trying this soon!!

Mastering winged eye liner
I struggle with winged eye liner so badly and I have never actually achieved a full long cat eye look. I want to so bad though because its such a sexy look. I love eye liner and am obsessed with gel eye liner. So I will master it one day.

achieving non scary eye brows
I am still a newbie to eye brow grooming and filling in the eye brows let alone getting them done on a regular basis. I'm rather ashamed that I only just started into getting my brows done and shaped properly for my face shape. I think it makes for a really pretty look when they are groomed and shaped properly.

Different bright coloured lips 
I have seen blue and different coloured lips like that and have admired people for taking on that trend but for me I'm sticking to my comfort zone. Right now I'm obsessed with plum coloured lips and have been doing that on myself. One day I'll have to try a violet purple lip stick!!

Buy my first MAC product 
I have never ever used MAC or other high end stuff, I so want to though! I have only ever used drugstore products and would so love to see the difference in quality. One day I will venture into a MAC store.

Getting waxed down there
Just once I would like to see what it is like to get it done down there! I'm scared of pain though and not sure how I would go with it!

What is your make up bucket list?

Spring Racing nail polish

Hi lovelies how are we all? I hope you are enjoying the weather in your part of the world?we have had nice weather again today after a terrible storm Tuesday night.
I thought I would share with you some incredible Spring related nail polish colours that I just adore! most are from Essence, ulta3 and Face of Australia so they are very affordable budget friendly brands that are great quality.

 I really think there is something to suit everyone in this little collection! and I think for the Spring Racing season which is about to start you should be rocking a fab nail colour with the pretty hats and outfits.

what nail polish colours have you been loving?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

a hairy Tuesday

hi guys today I was a hair model for my best friend Sally who is studying hair dressing and I thought I'd take some pics along the way. She washed and blow dried my hair as if I were her client and we both had a lot of fun.

 This is actually also the room where my English class is held! doubles for other classes.

 always attractive at any stage of being at the hairdressers heehee.
 we were giggling at Sally because she is not the most coordinated person with the hairdryer.
but over all I think she did a great job! my hair felt soft and looked good, I wasn't drowned in the process either heehee.

Funny thing her teacher who was supervising said I had enough hair for 3 people!!!
What have you guys been up to?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Pet fun Monday!

Hi lovelies! I have so been enjoying the sunshine that we have been having (when I am not studying or doing work placement that is!) I thought I would make Monday a time for sharing a pet of mine. So please meet Krissy our cat she is approx 4 1/2 years old.

The pics are not the best it's so hard getting a good shot!

Happy Monday hugs

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