Thursday, January 8, 2015

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Hello loves, yes two posts, woot! today I went out and saw the movie Into the woods and it was seriously amazing! I loved it a lot, and whilst there I had an impromptu fashion shoot thanks to my friend Angie. We had a lot of weather problems today, lighting, rain, hail and then we also had wind as well! but we got there in the end. I also was awkward with posing but I'm learning. I think I got some good shots.

So here is a little fashion fix. 

I'm new to this fashion blogging. Funnily enough on Instagram I got called skinny today, that's a first! not sure if that's the top I'm wearing or what but it made me smile!

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I post pics every day cause I'm literally obsessed with instagram, its true, I have no life (hangs head in shame) 

Sunny pic

weird windy pic woot!

I hope you enjoyed this, I'm wearing a thrifted outfit and really enjoyed my day out with my gilfriend Angie. We will actually be hanging out more soon as she has invited me over for a sleep over at her house on Monday night heehee, that will be fun!

And don't forget to check out my vlogging channel here! all the support really is super helpful!

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Hugs and love


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