Tuesday, January 20, 2015

at last, cute shoes for big feet!

Hello all! today I have somewhat of a different post for you. Because I am posting about shoes! I rarely get excited about shoes. Because I have flat, wide feet that are large in size. I am a size 9-10 uk sizing. And I can never find anything cute, that I'd want to wear and be seen in, because usually I live in sneakers.

But today I was wearing these flats I had got from Grosby, and were surprised at how cute they are, the quality of them, and the fact they fit me so well. I have lymphedema in my ankles and need shoes that can expand or shoes that allow my fat ankles to sit in them comfortably. These shoes do that brilliantly. They are comfortable to walk in, and when I got them, they were only $14 so a true bargain! weirdly woolworths had them.

I'm not a foot model by any means, and they were somewhat swollen today due to the humidity. However They went so well with my dress that I was wearing I had to show you.

I love the fact they don't cause toe cleavage and the little bow on them is rather sweet as well!

I do love these shoes for every day wear, they are very comfortable, easy to walk in and don't hurt my feet like some flats do.

Grosby is a great brand that sells affordable shoes, and are very good quality. I wish I had bought another pair of these! 

What shoes have you been wearing? would love to know, please follow, comment and share if you liked this post. 

Hugs Jess

1 comment:

  1. I'm loving some $15 (marked down to $7!) flats from Target, they are super soft and comfy.


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