Monday, January 12, 2015


Hi lovelies, today I have a first impressions for you because I went shopping at kmart, as I had a bit of time up my sleeves as I was waiting at my doctors appointment as she was running a bit behind. So low and behold Kmart had a few bys cosmetics on clearance. So I picked up the Bys Lash extend mascara; and I thought that I would perform a little first impressions for you all today!! I really hope you all enjoy this. By the way the price of the clearance sale was $4, regular price is $9.95 so when I repurchase its still a really good price. Either way BYS is a great cheap brand in Australia.

The packaging is cute, and shows the product very well. And on the back you can actually read what it says very easily, which on some products I find somewhat difficult sometimes.

 The instructions were easy to follow, and the lashes did feel soft and felt like they were my own lashes, they felt fuller, longer and did look better, over all. I've never used a product like this before so with practise I think the over all look will look better in time.
Outside pouc of finished eye lashes

Inside pic of finished eye lashes

I never knew how hard it was to actually take a half decent pic of  my own lashes before today! but tomorrow my video for my first impressions of this mascara will be uploaded so I will link it when it is.

Over all I am  so far very happy with this mascara, thrilled I got to try it at a cheaper price too. Have you guys tried this before?


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