Sunday, January 11, 2015

diy honey and macadamia nut oil hair and face mask with results getting rid of red skin naturally mature skin treatments

Hi all how are we? I'm on a bit of a diy kick at the moment, which I hope you don't mind! it saves me money, is natural and helps my health, my skin and my hair. I have these ingredients in my cupboards any ways so it didn't cost me any additional monies.

I'll tell you what I'm sharing. It's an amazing DIY Honey and madadamia nut oil face mask and hair mask. It's a two for one diy product! I'll show you the products that you will need for these two lovely masks. I need both at the moment because my skin and hair have been dry as heck lately. I don't know if its cause we're in Summer, or if its just my health or if its just a combination of both. But I'm trying everything I can to get my skin and hair in check and this has helped a heap. I'm now actually using honey as a skin cleanser. It may sound weird using a sticky product to wash your face with, however it works! it washes off really well and it leaves your face really clean. I've read up on it and its meant to be one of natures, natural cleansers. 

I will show you the products we will need 
Honey, and the macadamia oil 

you will also need something to mix it with, and something to hold it in, just eye ball it and see how much you think you need to cover your face or hair. 

I leave mine in for as long as I have time for and then wash it off/out. 

stir it into together as much as you can, and word of warning, the macadamia nut oil makes everything slippery and it will drip! 

and here is a pic the day after showing you the results with no make up what so ever on my face and no product in my hair. I gave myself a hair cut last night and just straightened my hair so I did use a tiny bit of hair protecting spray but that was all.  

My hair is more refined, conditioned, smoother, silky, and shiny. It looks healthy, less brittle and feels softer. My skin looks brighter, my redness is totally gone as you can see. I normally even have redness under my make up. So to wake up with no redness what so ever is amazing. I have no pimples either. Hardly any scaring too. My skin feels soft, refined and smooth. I use this twice a week and use the honey cleanser now in place of a commercial cleanser,

hope you enjoyed this littel diy project of mine, what are you diying at the moment? please share this post if you like it, comment below as I read everything and reply, and subscribe to my youtube channel! subscribe to my youtube channel


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