Saturday, January 10, 2015

drugstore and cheap lipsticks that are worth keeping in your make up bag!

Hi lovelies, I have three lipsticks that I have been loving to wear as of late and these are all darker shades either plums or berry shades as I am rather obsessed with these sorts of shades! I do have a ton of these I must admit! 

First up is this Revlon lip butter which is my only one in my collection of Revlon lip butters as my friend Angie gave me one. I love it. The colour is amazing, and its lasting power is fantastic. I really like wearing this sheered out on an every day basis and then a more opaque tone for a more sexy va va voom look! so its rather a versatile lipstick, so I rather like it.

Next is Savvy by db, its their lipstick in the shade Rose I believe and I am only thinking its this shade because the sticker on the bottom has actually rubbed off. These lipsticks retail for $6.99 but I got mine for free because I had a gift voucher from points that I had earned.

This last one is a newbie and a cheapie one but I am thrilled with the colour! I got it from a dollar store just because it was half price in a sale., It was cheap anyways at $3. And I loved the colour, it didn't have a name, just a number. However its by Blush Amour, which is a half decent cheapo brand if that makes sense.

This shade is the blush amour lipgloss, isn't it a lovely deep purple shade? 

This is the Savvy by db shade andI just love it. 

and this shade is the Revlon lip butter in Red Velvet 

These are the swatches, from the Blush amour, we have red velvet, and then savvy db.

hope you enjoyed!

what lipsticks are you wearing? would love to know! comment below? please share my blog, and follow too! 

hugs Jess


  1. Beautiful colours :)

  2. Hi Jess. I love plums and berry shades too. My fave is Jubilee by Avon. I really like Revlon Lip Butters but unfortunately Malaysia doesn't carry the shade Red Velvet.


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