Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Feature post from vinty_fresh from instagram

Hi all! I have a very exciting feature for today's blog post! we have from Brittany aka Vinty_Fresh from instagram!

she answers a few questions about what gets her excited about fashion, thrifting, and what is her personal style.

What got me into fashion?
I have always been into fashion and trying to stay trendy. I think I really started getting into it when I got out of high school and started developing some kind of style. It wasn't until I started thrifting that it became full blown and I really showed off my style and creativity with vintage fashion.

What is your signature style?
My signature style would be what my name is.. vintyfresh! It's vintage but with a fresh spin on it.

What do you like wearing for comfort?
I love wearing oversized denim, crewnecks and chunky shoes for comfort. I always look to mens style for comfort. I am somewhat of a tomboy at heart but with a little girly flare to it.

Heels or Flats?
Definitely heels! They just make me feel sexy and lady like. Not to mention they make your legs look awesome! Although flats are more comfortable, heels are always the way to go! 

In 10 words describe yourself
Confident, inspiring, vibrant, creative, daring, fresh, humble, funny, stylish, unique

Tell us about your shop
My online vintage resale shop, reinvintyfresh, is my way of making one of kind vintage pieces available to those who also have a love for vintage, but have trouble thrifting things like it themselves or just making it easy by finding the things for them. I am very selective with my pieces and try and make sure I have something for everyone! I use to have an online vintage resale shop a couple years back that was very successful, named vintyfreshclothing, but became too much to handle all by myself. This time, I have the help of my mom so I respectively named it, reinvintyfresh, because I wanted to reinvent the store, myself, and the brand and make it better then ever before.

Why is thrifting so important to you?
Thrifting is important to me because it allows me to express my creativity. It is my outlet for this. Everyone wants a way to express themselves, whether it be through music, art, dance.. but mine is thrifting. It is my art and my craft that I have done since I was a kid but developed and perfected over time. It is my passion and it is my way to help inspire others in the world with the message: You don't have to spend a lot of money to be stylish or fashionable.

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