Thursday, January 29, 2015

Going back to school (or work) lunches for the time poor!

Hey guys! so I thought I would post something different because I start school back on Tuesday! I can't believe its that time of year already. This month has literally just flown  by. And I tell you what, side note I'm totally enjoying this unusual and very mild Summer weather we are having in Melbourne! especially for January.

Any who. I went shopping today and had to stock up on school lunch things and being someone who is on a budget, and someone who is also extremely time poor, I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite, go to, lunches and snacks for school, you could easily also use them for work. I'm a mature aged student so its basically a similar environment to work.

First off Asian home gourmet
 They have four flavours and I love them! they are super yummy, and today at Coles I was actually very sad to see they were clearing them but I picked up a few for $1.30 I think it was 30%off.
I also got the Chinese Hot and Sour flavour, so I think these are a fab way to get something into your belly, they are great in your bag because they are sealed. I usually make sure I chuck one in the night before to make sure I don't forget.

Special fried rice

These are a hit because again they are served warm, only have to whack them in the microwave, again I chuck them in my bag because they are sealed. These were on special for $1 and I think these ideas will save you time and money. Takes 90 seconds in the microwave and they have so many flavours.

Wheat thins
 I don't eat bread much anymore and wanted something else as a substitute and thought these were a low calorie way of doing that. Giving up bread has really helped me keep an eye on my calorie intake because I do find it a useless filler.

I usually take one of these or a piece of fruit, so that's basically it! it saves buying a $8+ sandwhich when you can easily have things ready, even when you are time poor, like I am!

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what are your time poor friendly lunch ideas for school or work?

hugs Jess

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