Friday, January 16, 2015

how to pick the best purses at a thrift store and save money

Hello lovelies, its an over cast morning here in Melbourne/Australia and I thought I'd share with you a little way on saving money on purses/.handbags and still being able to collect some really super cute ones. I do this a lot now so I know this works, so I do hope that you enjoy this post.

 Fake Gucci pure I picked up for $3.20! I love it and don't care at all that its a fake. 

so I'm turning into the bag lady as of late! working at the thrift shop doesn't help and having a huge passion for thrifting doesn't help either! weirdly I never actually used to like handbags/purses either!  I tend to look for bags in places like Strandgags, Target or Kmart however, however these can range from $20-$100 at the thrift store a good bag can cost as little as $2.

A cute little purse with kittens on it I picked up for $4 strangely more expensive then the fake gucci, both were at Salvo's thrift store. 

Thrift shops are your friend
my first choice are the smaller charity shops, because they are the cheaper ones around me. Look for small charity stores where you think they will smell musty, don't be fooled however because you can find some awesome treasures in these. I've been around the block a few times in charity shops and know my way around them, you have to really hunt through the stuff.

So are Yard sales/Garage sales
Admittedly I haven't gone to a Garage sale in ages because charity shops/thriftshops/opshops are my passion but I will start doing so. But I do remember going around in my teenage years with my mum, who picked up some amazing bargains, just like charity shops sometimes you have to hunt. And sometimes its ok to haggle the prices down a little at Yard sales.

A very cutove these little saddle bags, and I picked this one up for $4.50e boho bag, I l

Flea markets/markets in general
Now I love markets, the feel of a market is exceptional! it really is, the vibes there are fun, almost like a festival. If you go to the right one. I used to attend a lot as my mother had a weekend stall at a very popular market in Camberwell/Melbourne. So I got to see some amazing treasures at that market. Be sure to get there early, and have time and patience to look around. Some markets are bigger than what you think. Also ask at the gate which sections have which are because some have fruit and veg at one and others have another area set up in different sections, it may save you time.
if you have enjoyed this post please let me know! comment below, what have been your thrifty buys lately? also please share and follow.

This one I loved because it looked to have been crocheted. I picked it up for $3. I loved its cute chevron patten.

Also some tips on buying a good bag
look at the lining of the bag, is it in good condition?
Does it smell? are there stains?
look at the quality of the stitching
look at the handles
look at the outerside of the bag to see if any of the decorations or things that shouldn't are coming off.

Last but not least a fake louis vuitton! I was thrilled with this, for a fake it is so well made, its quite old too. I love using it for when I go out. I also picked this one up for $4.

hugs Jess

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