Friday, January 30, 2015

January favourites Australis, Illegal Length mascara and more

Hi all! today I am doing a January favourites as its the last day of January for me! so I thought I'd do it whilst I still had time. Can't believe the month has flown by so fast! wow. Anyways I have a few products to show you and some I am really obsessing over right now! can you guys relate? I hope so. Let me know if you do relate in the comments! so I don't feel alone heehee.

I am a huge sucker for deals at supermarkets and where I go shopping they often do clearance deals when they want to get rid of products quickly. I picked up two products for under $10 and they were the Rimmel London Comfort serum 25 hour foundation and the Maybelline fibre lash illegal length mascara. I got both for $9.95 so a complete bargain!. The foundation shade I got was Ivory and it fits perfectly for my skin shade and the mascara was blackest black. And I tell you what, I am totally obsessing over both! I've been wearing them both non stop (except for bed time of course) 

I was worried when I saw the cap I thought it was going to be like the Maybelline ones where it was a pour out one but thank god it has a pump! so extra points Rimmel! this is a 10 out of 10 foundation for me guys, I am seriously in love.

Oh my goodness I am totally obsessing over the length that this mascara gives, and I adore how it fans out my lashes. It truly looks as though I'm wearing fake lashes. I also love the packaging too, its my favourite colour (magenta) so how could I not love it?

This bronzer I picked up from Priceline a few weeks ago and it was only $3 and I love it! for days when I'm looking a little pastey and lack lustre its really nice, It's the Australis brush on mineral bronzer, I also have the highlighter.

I picked up this Khol Australis long wearing eye liner from Kmart for only $1 in the clearance bin, I've been using it off and on and I gotta say I really do like it! it does its job and it comes off without irritating my eyes.

I was super excited when Savvy by db brought the Ultra matte collections out, I think this is the Marilyn Munroe colour. I love it, When I'm not wearing hot pinks I'm wearing deep reds like these. It's a really good formula if a touch drying but a bit of lip balm helps that.

Ah the trend of hot pink lip colours continue, I'm obsessed with cool toned hot pinks, and this one I was so surprised at how pigmented it was! it really packs a punch, the shade is called read my lips and I got it from Priceline ages ago and I don't remember the brand name as its just a cheapie.

However there you go my January favourites, what are you all obsessing over? what are you favourites I'd love to know, for more please comment and follow

Hugs Jess

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