Friday, January 9, 2015

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Hi lovelies, I'm back with a bit of a tutorial on how I made home grown and organic Dandelion tea. I wanted to try Dandelion tea for all the health benefits it possesses. It can detoxify the boxy, clear acne and other skin condition, aid in weight loss, help with insulin levels, help with the regulation of hunger and how much you eat. Water retention and helps to act as a diuretic, it can also aid as an antiinflammatory, its meant to help aid in severe arthritis, its a natural laxative and helps the bones move better; and is a very rich source in beta carotene, different vitamins and when eaten because you can actually eat it as a green, contains more protein than spinach! best of all its free! This dandelion plant has been considered a weed in our garden however it has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal and just as a lovely tea all round!

 First you must collect your dandelions from the garden, and then start to soak them in hot water, this starts the cleaning process. I then rinsed and soaked again just to make sure they were clean.

 This is what a big dandelion root looks like, they can come in a variety of sizes and I'm going to be starting to dig up more of these to make roasted dandelion coffee next. I never knew what the roots looked like before.

Into the oven, this was after about 15 minutes, I preheated first, just test and see how you go because you want to start out warm and then turn it down to the lowest setting. I don't have a dehydrator but I may look into getting one. The overall process took approx 45 minutes. I kept checking, and turning it in the baking dish. 

 I didn't have muslin cloth but I had clean netting that I wrapped the roasted dandelion in, and I steeped it in hot water for a few minutes. I'm going to get a tea steeper tomorrow.

The left mug of tea is the commercially bought dandelion tea and the right mug of tea is my own, organically made, cost free dandelion tea! I love the taste of this stuff too, its slightly bitter but you can sweeten it with honey if you'd like, I don't as I actually like the taste. 

list of benefits 
vitamins it contains
vitamin c
vitamin a
b complex
trace minerals
organic sodium
vitamin d

you could also look up on youtube how to dry out herbs on a more technical measure than what I've done here if you'd like but I hope you enjoyed it!

have you ever done anything like this before?


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