Tuesday, January 13, 2015

meet my bestie Angie, vlogging and day in pictures

Hello my lovelies,

I thought I would do a post on a lovely day I spent with my friend Angie. We went to Chadstone shopping center and spent the day mooching about. It was raining cats and dogs yesterday so it was a good way to spend the day. We had coffee, food, ice cream, and laughter and smiles, so I hope you like this edition of a day in pictures.

my casual outfit of the day for a wet and raining shopping day

 it was just a casual outfit, thrown together quickly as I rather like being casual for shopping and I still think I looked good.

 Angie has a thing for ice chocolates whilst I've got a thing for my traditional lattes! I really enjoyed my ice cream cone as I have not had one in yonks! heehee.

 I stopped in at a shop called Pigeonhole and I really liked the look of it, it was decor and home wares. Had some really unique and bright items. Some lovely jewellery as well that I loved the look of, if I go back in a couple of weeks and they still have the fawn head ring I'm thinking about purchasing it.

 how awesome is this door mat? no idea what it says but I love the pine apples.

 And this dutch rabbit egg cup was just too cute!

 I squeed at the pink fawn ornament, totally adorable in its flocked goodness.

 And the stunning fawn ring, I just loved it, and was actually very surprised that it fit cause I have an odd finger size.

 I really love crystal necklaces at the moment and this one was stunning, never seen anything like it before.

 And this gold abstract one was simple but stunning in its own right as well.

 And this stunning brooch, actually really did catch my eye, I'm not normally one for brooches however I loved this one.

 Then at Target I've been looking at the Sugarbaby range of cosmetics and I've been liking the look of these. I'm hoping to get some in the next couple of weeks. I'm also thinking of getting the ticket to paradise bronzing kit as that looks divine!

 look at the packaging!

hope you enjoyed my day in pictures with me, do share, comment and follow me as it really does help me out. And if you want to pop over and see my vlog in video about this day check my youtube channel and please subscribe! vlog follow us around

hope you are all well, what have you been looking at lately in the shops? link it below! 


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