Saturday, January 24, 2015

my first ever MAC cosmetics experience

Hello lovelies,

today I am writing a different kind of post because its something that has excited me. I went and visited the MAC counter today at Meyer in Chadstone. I didn't plan it, it was a spur of the moment thing. I just went up and said, I'd like to be colour matvhed to a foundation. I wasn't sure what to expect, I've seen reviews and experiences from youtube and other bloggers out there but this was something else.

here is a picture of me after the colour match,I think it looks lovely on.

I sat in the chair and waited as she pulled out two foundations that she thought would suit my skintone. The lady was exceptionally friendly, warm hearted and genuine that I didn't feel my usual nervous self in these sorts of situations. She really put me right at ease and didn't seem fake at all.

She explained why she thought the foundations would be good for my skin, after a discussion of what I thought my skin was like. She applied one of the foundations on one side of my face, and the other on the other side for comparison. Talking her way through it, she showed me an application process I hadn't used before. She was not in the hard sell process at all and was truly making me feel very comfortable. I've never had an experience like that, where if money had not been an issue, I would have purchased the item on the customer service skill of this lady.

Someone having social anxiety such as myself and going into a totally different scenario, I usually expect a blaze experience, or even an upsetting one because of poor service. But this truly was refreshing. She suited me with the MAC studio fix plus, and she wasn't even concerned that I couldn't purchase on the day, after all her advice and help.

and I was also super excited because they had smash box, and toofaced, I'd never seen them before in the flesh.

I was blown away by how at ease she put me, and the fact she made it feel as if it wasn't an ordeal or an effort with such a task.

I really enjoyed the outcome, and am considering my first ever MAC purchase! which I thought would never happen. It's fun, exploring the uncharted waters of make up and what it encompasses.
Have you had any experiences like that? would love you to share

hugs Jess

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