Wednesday, January 7, 2015

shop my stash my three top favorite make up products I keep going back too concealer primer and mascara

Hello lovely people! Today I'm showing off my three fave products and am telling you why they are my three fave products.

The first one is the Maybelline Big eye waterproof mascara in black, I love this mascara purely because its versatility in being able to actually get into the lower lash line. I got mine for $10 when it first came out. I use this product so so much, the eye lashes aren't crispy but are black and adds length and volume, fans out in such a pretty way too, so I love this mascara

Next is the Essence cover stick and I love this cover stick by essence because its a really natural looking cover stick and the price is amazing! its under $5 and it lasts all day long without looking cakey and on my skin type which is combination dry/oily that is amazing. I really love the packaging too as its sturdy, and safe, its easy to travel with, and pack in a make up case, and the concealer blends out lovely as well on the skin and into other products as well. For such a cheapie product this one is hard to pass up, this one has been a re purchase and I'll keep re purchasing this one over more expensive brands any time.

 If you couldn't tell by now I do somewhat have a problem with make up! I keep buying make up however I am trying to "shop my stash" and this is why I am showing you these products in this segment today.

This is the best primer I have ever used, It cost me $10 and I really love it, I've used a few primers in my time and this one really helps my foundation last, especially on my oily tzone without me having to cake on the powder which I loath doing. I prefer I more even, naturalish look if possible. This primer is lovely, contains argan oil, and blends perfectly. Doesn't break me out and isn't heavy at all. For a bargain budget primer this one is fab.

What are your shop my stash products that you go back to?

Hugs Jess

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  1. Love the Maybelline mascara x


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