Friday, January 16, 2015

the cheapest diet that really works!

Hello lovelies, I hope you are all doing well and even though I know most of you are in the middle of Winter; us in Summer are plodding along. However I have a little diet secret that is working really well for me, not only that it’s the most affordable diet I’ve ever been on, it works, it’s quick, and you actually see the results.

I’ve probably adapted it from other diets in the past that I have tried, to actually suit my needs but I’ll give you the run down.  Water retention can make us feel  bloated, and feel fatter than what we really are. Here is something that is proven to help move the unwanted fluid in your system. 

1 slice of Toast with a little spread of your choice
1 small apple
3 glasses of cold water

Salad, I have a small green salad
1 small mandarin
3 glasses of water

This is where the diet really kicks in for me, I call it the fluid moving soup because its all relative as the veggies in this are actually natural diuretics.
This is actually per serving as I have a huge bowl of this of a night
4 carrots chopped into small bits
Silver beet chopped up (small handful)
3 large tomatoes chopped up
Half a lettuce shredded
1 cucumber sliced
Masterfoods Mexican seasoning
Knorres seasoning (I get this at Safewasys in the international department however any low calorie stock will do)

Put all in a steamer and steam until cooked, you want them softened so they are cooked through just like they are in a soup. Whilst cooking,  add both seasoning to taste, I add a lot as I like a lot of flavor and I find the spice helps the way the body digests the food. When cooked, spoon veggies into a big bowel and add the water from the saucepan over the top, don’t add too much, just a little to make it more like a little broth.

I also have a cup of dandelion tea but this is optional.
I’ve been doing this for the week and have already lost 2.5 kg and haven’t even had to do anything else on top. I realize that if you did move more you would see greater results, and I do hope this has helped you! If it has, do let me know. I’m continuing my efforts because I have severe lymphedema in my legs and need the swelling to go down so I’m trying everything for health benefits.
Please comment, follow and share!  

Hugs Jess

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